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Allied Therapy News for October- Fall

Welcome to the Allied Therapy Newsletter

In each newsletter we are going to give you some ideas to support your child’s learning and therapeutic goals! The best part is that they are fun games and activities that you and your child can have fun doing together!

This month’s theme is Fall!

Gross Motor Activities

Go outside and try to catch the falling leaves!

Fine Motor Activity and Craft

Leaf Drawing! Go outside and find some leaves and bring it back inside for this art project. While looking, take your time to look and describe the differences between the leaves you find!

Once inside, place the leaf flat on a table and place a piece of paper on top of the leaf. Using a crayon, shade it over the leaf and watch the leaf impression come through! Talk through the activity step by step for more enrichment.

Sensory Activity

When carving a pumpkin, let the kids touch and feel all the different textures of a pumpkin, including the seeds! This fun activity will target the senses touch and smell.

Book and Game of the Month

Read The Sharing Circle by Theresa ‘Corky’ Larsen-Jonasson

Play Hullabaloo by Cranium

If you have any concerns about your child's development, we offer home based care in Halifax, Truro, and virtual care in all of Nova Scotia.

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