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Speech Therapy

Allied Therapy helps children who are late talkers, non-speaking, and have speech errors learn the skills they need to communicate and be understood.

Our experienced Speech-Language Pathologists (Speech therapists) have a range of skills to support those that need extra support to communicate.

Allied Therapy specializes in working with those that present with a diagnosis (ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, etc.). We support articulation and language disorders, voice, gender affirming care, motor speech disorders, swallowing, post-stroke rehabilitation, voice, and much more.


We proudly support all populations and communities that need our services. Allied Therapy is a 2SLGBTQI+ safe space and a Rainbow Registered Business. 


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AAC Speech Therapy Child
Autism Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy Child Reading

What can I expect from my first session? 

The Speech-Language Pathologist will conduct an assessment and collect a case history. Based on assessment results, the therapist will work with the client and family to customize the right goals for therapy.

Allied Therapy Hearing Screening.png

Our Speech-Language Pathologists can now offer Hearing Screening for any of our clients. Our equipment allows for a quick OAE screening to inform parents and to help decide if a further referral to an Audiologist is needed. Our device offers an accurate way to assess the function of the outer hair cells in the inner ear by measuring sounds (OAEs) produced in the ear canal. We are not looking to replace testing by Audiologists, but we hope to give families answers quickly and potentially take some pressure off our public system's long wait times.

Allied Therapy's Speech-Language Pathologists are registered members of NSCASLP.

Speech therapy association
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