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Hi! How can we help?

Do I require a referral? 

Allied Therapy does not require a medical referral, however confirm with your health insurance provider. Some may require one to cover treatment expenses.  

What is the process of getting started?

Do you offer Direct Billing?

Allied Therapy Steps to Getting Started- Step 1 Contact us for more information, step 2 schedule a visit by calling or booking online, step 3 we provide recommendations and determind if follow up visits are necessary, step 4 we start working with you or your family member to achieve the goals we set together.

Yes, we direct bill to Blue Cross and Green Shield. We hope to offer more options in the near future. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Allied Therapy accepts credit card, e-transfer, and cheque. 

Where are the appointments?

In person services: For your convenience and the comfort of the client, Allied Therapy's experienced therapists will go to your home or a location in the community within proximity to the Halifax Regional Municipality and Truro for treatments. If outside of these areas, mileage may apply. 

Virtual services: Allied Therapy has trained Telehealth providers and can offer virtual care in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 

Do you have any helpful  links for community supports in Nova Scotia?

We do! Please see a short list of community supports here. 

Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Halifax Truro
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