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Allied Therapy News for December- reading books together as a family

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Our theme this month is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear written by Bill Martin Jr. with ideas to support your child's learning and therapy goals!

The best part is that they are fun games and activities that you and your child can have fun doing together!

child dressed as bear looking out the window

Gross Motor Activity In the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, there are lots of different animals.

Let's get moving and act like each of the animals in the book.

We can:

- walk on all fours like the bear,

-jump and flap our arms like the red bird,

-waddle like the yellow duck,

-gallop for the blue horse,

-play leapfrog for the green frog,

-crab for the purple cat,

-pant like the white dog,

-skip for the black sheep,

- swim like the goldfish,

-march for the teacher, and

-dance for the children!

This lets your child get some energy out and develop our big muscles.

baby sitting with teddy bear

Fine Motor Activity To target our fine motor skills, sit down with your bear and practice picking up pompoms with your pointer finger and your thumb! These can be berries and acorns that you found in the forest.

baby looking at a book with teddy bear

Craft Make a bear mask- draw a bear face on your piece of brown construction paper, cut out two holes on the side to attach strings, and you are ready to ROAR!

Talk all through the steps together as you create your mask to work on your child's language. Make sure you describe what they are drawing.

children play with bear speech therapy, occupational therapy

If you have any concerns about your child's development, we offer in home and virtual care in Halifax, Truro, and all of Nova Scotia.

Check out our services here and let us know how we can help:

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