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Allied Therapy

Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Board Certified Behaviour Analysis

It’s a privilege to serve Nova Scotia by providing quality evidence-based assessment and intervention.

Community Based Services

Services offered at home or in the community. We will come to you!

With many years of experience, we understand how to work with our clients to ensure they receive the best care possible. Our services are available to all, without needing a referral. If you are unsure if we can help, get in touch. We are happy to talk with you! 


Our thoughtful and personalized approach means we are fully committed to the health and well-being of all of our clients. We know that many may feel more comfortable outside of a clinic setting, so we are happy to come to facilitate that when possible. This may be at your home, a park, or at a public library!  Travel within the Halifax Regional Municipality is free of charge to our clients. 


Read below to find out about services we provide. Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details. 

 Speech Therapy 

Our experienced speech therapists have a range of skills to support those that are Neurodiverse  (ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, etc.). We also support articulation and language disorders, voice, motor speech disorders, swallowing, post-stroke rehabilitation, voice, and much more. We proudly support all populations that need our services.

The Speech-Language Pathologist will conduct an assessment and collect a case history. Based on assessment results, the therapist will work with the client and family to pick goals for therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Our experienced therapists can help to develop, recover or maintain skills required to participate in meaningful activities (occupations). We can help to support picky eating, difficulty sleeping, handwriting/fine motor skill development, difficulties with self-regulation, staying organized, sensory processing, return-to-work, leisure and self-care difficulties, and much more!

The Occupational Therapist will meet with you to determine your therapeutic needs. They will conduct functional assessments and standardized assessments based on those individualized concerns. They will work with you to create a thorough treatment plan to support the long term and short term occupational goals.

Behaviour Analysis

Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) use techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to increase behaviours that are helpful and decrease behaviours that are harmful or that affect learning such as aggression, self-injury, property destruction, or tantrums.

The BCBA will conduct a functional behaviour assessment to determine why the behaviour of concern is happening and will create a treatment plan to address the behaviour. These plans include preventative, teaching, and response strategies aimed to reduce the behaviour of concern and teach appropriate skills in its place. The BCBA will then train the client and/or caregivers in the recommended strategies to ensure that they are effective.

Corporate Services

We are happy to collaborate and support our community. We can offer presentations and training to groups of any size! Read below to find out about services we provide.

 Keynote Speaking 

Stephanie Hovey, founder of Allied Therapy, is a expert in her field and a practised presenter. She, and her experienced team, can speak on a range of topics and will work with you to ensure your learning needs are met!

Workplace Accessibility

Our therapists are available for training and support to make sure your workplace is fully accessible.

One on One Consulting

Our therapists are available for One on One consulting and training to help you and your staff develop necessary skills.  


Please send us a message below to inquire about our Community or Corporate Services. To request a consultation, please complete the Intake Form



We are based in Halifax and are happy to support all of Nova Scotia!

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