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Behaviour Therapy

We support children who are late developers and different learners to thrive at home, at school, and in life. 

Our board certified therapists use techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis to increase behaviours that are helpful, and decrease behaviours that are harmful or that may affect learning, such as aggression, self-injury, property destruction, or tantrums. We work with our clients to find evidence-based solutions that are safe, personalized and manageable.


Our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) or Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapists may conduct a functional behaviour assessment to determine why the behaviour of concern is happening and will create a treatment plan to address the behaviour. These plans include preventative, teaching, and response strategies aimed to reduce the behaviour of concern and teach appropriate skills in its place. The therapist will then train the client and/or caregivers in the recommended strategies to ensure that they are effective.

Goals are family and client centered while following evidence based practice. The BCBA and ABA Therapist are valued team members supporting our clients holistically in a neurodivergent affirming manner. 

ABA Child Halifax
ABA Halifax
Picky Eating ABA Therapy Nova Scotia
ABA Therapy Halifax

Allied Therapy's ABA Therapists are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts or are in the process of certification. 

ABA Halifax
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